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      So, the Champion, huh? Sounds like one Hell of a job.
I laughed as I walked home. There were Qunari bodies everywere, but I ignored then. It was there ''place in this world as worriors.'' The Qun wanted me to kill them.
      I laughed once again.
''I wonder what this job pays?'' I asked myself in the darkness. Probubly alot.
''Oh!'' I smiled, ''I wonder if I get to boss Merideth around! That would be a perk...''
I laughed even harder.
      Then I heard a noise behind me. I turned and prepaired to cast a Cone of Cold when I saw who it was.
''Damnit, Fenris! Would it kill you to talk before you sneak?''
''I wasn't trying to sneak.'' He said, walking closer.
''Well THAT makes it better, dosen't it?'' I laughed.
''One Hell of a battle we had back there, huh? And Champion! Champion of Kirkwal...''
I spoke the title with relish and adoration. ''Can you beleve it?''
''If there's anyone who desserves it,'' He said, ''It's you.''
He walked closer.
      ''This is just... I can't beleve it! I came here, a Fereldin refuegee, became a SMUGGLER, and after so many years... I'm Champion!''
I smiled brodly and looked at the elf's face. He had a faint smile and his head was tilted slightly. I couldn't help but notice the Lyrium tatto adorning his tan face. It seemed to be... glowing faintly.
      ''I'm not as surprised as you seem to be.'' He chuckled, ''What were they going to do after you saved tht city? Go 'Thanks for the help, we'll send you a gift basket?'''
We both laughed.
      I loved those rare bouts of humor he had. They were so much  less common then his signiture brooding. But I loved his brooding, too. It gave him a kind of... depth, wich you can't replicate.
      Just then I noticed how close he was to me, and it gave me a flash back to a night we spent together a year ago. ''I have been thinking of you.'' He had said then. ''Command me to leave, and I shall.''
''Who... was asking you to leave?'' I smiled.
The night that followed was unforgetable. But aparintly he forgot about it. We haven't spoken of it since.
      Fenris's expresion changed.
''What is it?'' He asked. ''You look... pale.''
''N-nothing...'' I turned away.
He was... genuinly worried. I was touched.
      He stepped even closer to me, and it caused me to look back to him. As we looked at each other the silence that filled the air nearly suffocated me. We stared at one another. I could hear the sound of his breathing coupled with the sound of my own rappid heart beat. And in a split second we both stepped forward into a kiss.
      So many unspoken words were in that kiss. My arms rapped around his back and I felt his left arm do the same to me while his right cupped the back of my head, moving it to meet his. My chest was pushed into his brest plate, but I didn't mind. The coolness and hardness of the metal coupled with the warmth and softness of his lips was... not unplesant. It was divine.
      Unlike the one night we had shared before, I did not taste wine on his breath. So I didn't need to worry about his judgment being clouded, wich, I will admit, had been a concern before.
      Our bodys shifted and I wraped my arm arond Fenris's neck while he pulled me ever tighter against his body. My hand fell just bellow his chin and I felt his puls. His heart was racing even faster then my own.
      I thought about alot of things. I thought about how different my life had been after I came to this city. My mouther had been killed by the very people I had been trying to protect from the Templars and I restored my family's good name. My brother had stapped my family in the back and I saved a city. I met all of these confuseing, funny, interesting people. I met Fenris. My life had never been the same. And I'm not sure how I feel about that.
      After what felt like years, we slowly, reluctantly, pulled away from one another. I looked to him. His tattos were glowing brightly against the dark night. I noticed small beads of sweat dotting his brow and his chest heaved with his heavy breths. I was smileing. But his face... worried me. He seemed... sad. It was the same face he had that night.
      ''I... I'm sorry. I just can't... I'm sorry.'' He said. He turned and walked away so fast I couldn't say anything. And when I tried, my throught tightened and I couldn't get anything out. He was gone. I couldn't breath.
      Had the kiss ment nothing to him? Did he care about it? Did he care about me? My mind was swiming with incoherincy, wich was extremly different from the night we had shared. When he left then... I was just shocked. I didn't feel anything.
      But that... not feeling anything... it didn't last. After awhile, it started to hurt. Alot. It hurt everytime I caught him looking at me. It hurt everytime we looked at eachother with that... look. It hurt everytime I thought of him. It hurt everytime I wondered if he was thinking of me. It just... HURT.
      Did I love him? I wasn't sure...
      But did HE love ME? I didn't think so.
I just couldn't hold it in any longer. How long would I have to wait for an answer? Could I wait that long? Of cores I could. This man... these feelings I had for him... I've never had them before. Besides... I had a city to protect. I would've stayed anyway. But... still...
      I shook my head crisply. I couldn't just stand here dwelling on what might have been.
      I began to walk home.
The more of this story I read back to myself, the more it feels like a cheesy romance novel. Oh well.

Hawke has just been named Champion of Krkwal and an old romance flame is re-kindled.

The background story for this is the trade mark of BioWhare. The story is the plotline of Dragon age 2
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MiruSedna Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
Oh how I adore this! I love reading stories that show just how shattered they both were due to his being afraid of love and his terror of what Denarius would do to her if he discovered the depth of his feelings for Hawke. It tears my heart out every time I see him wearing her token and house symbol after the act 2 scene. He's so afraid of being enslaved again but there he is, telling the world he belongs to her, anyway. [link] I love these two. I'm never able to pair her with anyone else. Please write more? Pretty please? [link]
ILoveMyGhostGirls Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well, if you INSIST......
MiruSedna Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
Ignore the links in there, they are nothing, not suppose to be there, and I'm an idiot. lol
Mahariel13 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012  Student General Artist
*crying* Fenris!
koogee4 Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awwwww.... No! Fen Fen! don't leave....!!! (tears)
I loved this piece. Surely, there had been some... accidental "intimate" moments like this between the "one-night" in Act 2 and the "reconciliation" in Act 3.
ILoveMyGhostGirls Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the feedback, Koogee!
That was my whole point with this story. I just couldn't beleve that the only intamite stuff after act 2 were afew different banter scenes.
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